For over 15 years, at Basari Hospital we specialize in premium medical tourism. We pride ourselves for looking after patients in need of medical treatment or rehabilitation, often as a result of a serious accident, operation or illness. From providing advice, organising next day admissions, being in touch 24x7 with the hospital personnel, organising transfers and accommodation for you and your family, we provide a human, personalised and highly dedicated service.

We know well that you don’t need any more anxiety related to ambulance transfers, hospital waiting lists, cultural differences or language barriers and we guarantee a trusted and smooth journey that will make you feel relaxed and happy.  

Health is the highest commodity in life. Therefore, we place our patients' welfare at the center of our efforts!

How to plan your medical travel?

Getting a medical treatment even in your home country can be rough sometimes. But in Basari Hospital our International Patient Coordinators will always be on your side during every step of the planning.

The first step of your plan is to contact us. You can simply contact us by email ,phone or by clicking the ''free online consultation'' button on our web page, then a specific patient coordinator will be assigned for you. He/she will be assisting you before and after your arrival.

  • After you contact us, our patient coordinator will get all the information needed for diagnosis from you and transfer these info to our doctors to create the treatment plan. Our coordinators are here for answering your questions, help you to arrange accommodation and transportation services,arranging appointments and providing support for obtaining a medical visa.

  • After our doctor create your treatment plan, your patient coordinator will inform you about the duration, price and other details of your treatment. If you are happy with the treatment plan and decide to come to our hospital, our patient coordinator will create your appointment to the day of your choosing after you sent our coordinator the photo of your flight ticket to Turkey.

  • When you come to Turkey our coordinators will welcome you at the airport. We will provide you free transportation during your medical stay between airport-hotel-clinic. Coordinators will be with you all the time when you are in the hospital to take care of facilitating the communication flow with our physicians.

  • Your coordinator will handle release formalities, oranise your prescriptions, provide medical reports, arrange English translation of reports and coordinate your follow up appointments after you recieve your treatment.

At Basari Hospital we aim to lift the burden, time, anxiety and emotional challenges faced when searching for medical options. We are here to give a perfect medical journey for you and your family.